Weekends this Fall starting September 22nd through November 4th! There's more than enough fun and confusion for all! Get lost in our giant seven-acre corn maze featuring over two miles of interconnecting paths. One of the largest in the Southeast, our maze is sure to please! The whole of Rural Hill's 265 acres is available to you and your group during maze hours - take a hayride around the farm, enjoy local beer, wine, and cider, play a round of corn-hole, explore our historic site, play in our mini-mazes, have a picnic, hike our trails, pick out a pumpkin (in October,) & much, much more!

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Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting September 22nd. Tickets on sale from 10am – 5pm

Family Friendly Flashlight Mazes
Open Fridays and Saturdays starting September 22nd. Tickets on sale from 6:30pm – 9pm

Ticket Prices are as Follows:*
Day maze ages 13 and up:            $11
Day maze ages 5 – 12:                    $8
Night maze ages 13 and up:         $16
Night maze ages 5 – 12:                 $11

From Start to Finish in Eight Easy Steps!

Step One:
Purchase tickets from our friendly staff.

Step Two:
Graduate from maze school.

One of Rural Hill’s excellent staff members will host a brief orientation to the farm and maze with you and your group. Be sure to listen carefully as they tell you how to navigate through the seven acre puzzle. After they’re done, be sure to ask questions if anything is still unclear.

Step Three:
Grab a maze flag for your group.

Each group must carry a flag into the maze. It is important that you keep this flag with you at all times, in the event that you need assistance, it is often the only way for us to see where you are. If you have small children who would  
like to help, special kid’s flags are available.

Step Four:
Start looking for mail boxes.

There are twelve mailboxes. Each box contains a map piece. This mailbox contains piece seven, which you will tape on the number seven space on your gameboard. As you find more mailboxes you will slowly build your map and find the way out. PIECES WILL NOT ALWAYS BE IFOUND N NUMERICAL ORDER.

Step Five:
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Feel like you’ve been walking in circles? You probably have been. Maze staff are located inside the maze, at the exit bridge, and tower to help you out. We can give you as much or as little help as you need. Need a break? Just ask and we can get you from your position to the exit quickly and conveniently.

Step Six:
Keep it up!

Each mailbox you find will get you one step closer to having the solution to our game and finding the way out. Be sure to look at the map frequently, especially when you’ve attached a new piece. The number that matches the mailbox you’re at is where you are in the maze. Don’t forget to use your pencils - they will “draw out” the solution!

Step Seven:
You found all the map pieces!

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you can trace your steps throughout the map, find your way out to the exit and over the Victory Bridge. Remember those pencils, they can help tremendously. *You may have found the exit of the maze without all the map pieces. You are always welcome to go back in and find the rest if you’d like.

Step Eight:
You made it out!

Great news! Be sure to check out all you’ve been through from atop the bridge as you cross over and head out of the maze. Be sure to hand in your flag, make any shout-outs on the loudspeaker, and pose for those victory pictures. Now head on out for food, hayrides, and more fun; You’ve earned it!


Confused Yet? We Hope This Helps;

NOTE, the following images of the maze map are from 2010’s Conestoga Wagon Maze and do not match this year’s design

Getting Started:
The Game Board

Each  group will receive a game board at the ticket tent, as well as a pencil. This game board contains a lot of interesting and useful information, as well as a few fun activities for your group to enjoy later. The twelve blank spaces will be where you tape your map pieces once you get inside the maze. REMEMBER: always hold your gameboard with the top of the board facing the WESTERN tree line. This is the tree line directly across the field when you first enter the maze. Note the in and out arrows at the bottom of your game board’s map- you will go IN beside the bridge. You will come OUT across the top of the Victory Bridge.

In the Thick of it:
Making Progress

One of the most common mistakes people make is to look for the map pieces in consecutive order. As shown here, you may find a map piece at any time, and walk through several other grid sections before finding something. You may see a mailbox that contains map pieces through a hedge but not be able to walk to it for another 30 minutes. The maze has been constructed in levels (more on that later) - you have to make certain turns in a certain order to progress further into the maze. If you find yourself back at the same point more than twice, try asking for help. The confusion is all part of the fun, but we don’t want you to get discouraged.

The Completed Map:
A Beautiful Thing, But You’re Not Done Yet

Congratulations, you’ve found all twelve pieces of the map and affixed them to your game board in the correct order! Now it is up to you and your group to use those pencils and draw your way out. It’s not as hard as it looks; remember that all the mailboxes and map pieces correspond, map piece number seven shows the exact location of mailbox seven. If you find a mailbox, then you’ll know where you are in the field at that particular moment. Remembering to hold the map facing the correct direction, in no time you and your group will have walked your way OVER the top of the Victory Bridge in style and speed!

One More Thing:
Levels? What Levels???

You may remember earlier when we mentioned that the maze had been constructed in levels. This map has been modified to show you those levels. Here, we start on the green level, progress to the yellow level, then to orange, and lastly to red. Sound easy? Note that there is only one path into each level, marked here by white circles. In the maze itself these levels and paths are not marked in anyway. You may enter and exit these levels several times and never know it. That’s just part of the fun in one of the most challenging mazes in the Southeast!

School, Church, Troop, Reunion? There’s no group too big for us!

We would love to have your group come out to the maze for a day or night of fun here at the Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze! Typically we can fit you in at any time during normal business hours, but we would appreciate it if you let us know ahead of time if your group exceeds 20. Here are some helpful hints to get you through the ticket line as quick as possible:

We accept cash or most major credit cards. However, sometimes cash is a quicker method of payment, as we have to run credit cards over a wireless network.
If possible, pay for all members of your group in one payment.
You may prepay for large groups either by purchasing tickets online or by calling the office at 704 875 3113
If you do purchase online, please print out a copy of the reciept OR have your reciept emailed to your smart phone.

Interested in group rates? In September ONLY, groups of 20 or more may recieve $1 off each ticket when all tickets for group are purchased in ONE transaction.

Want a more exclusive experience? Groups of 10 adults or more are welcome Tuesday - Thursday by appointment. There is a $100 MINIMUM fee for Tuesday - Thursday reservations.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 704 875 3113, we’d love to talk!

Corporate groups and families alike LOVE our maze as a teambuilder!

There are many aspects of the maze that act as excellent builders of teamwork, trust, communication, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, conflict resolution and more. Plus, it’s fun!

Some different ways to act as a team;
Democracy: at each intersection, have a debate and vote for the next path taken.
Aristocracy: choose a leader to delegate tasks and make decisions for the group as a whole. If this doesn’t work out so well a referendum may be in order...
The Goose Method: named after the large flocks of Canada Geese that overwinter here, this method requires each member of the team to take the lead position for a period of time before retiring back to the flock.

Or make up your own way to solve the maze and defeat your opposing team!


The Amazing Maize Maze is one of the largest corn mazes of its kind in the Southeast. The seven acre corn field has over 2 miles of interconnecting path, which when viewed from above forms a themed image. Please take a moment and read over a few of our most frequently asked questions…

Is the corn back to normal this year?
The majority of the corn this year is about head high.

How tall is the corn?
The corn varies from 2-7 feet tall in different parts of the field.

How will shorter corn affect my experience in the maze?
Shorter corn may make the maze a little easier but the maze will absolutely still be a challenge.  Short corn will make it easier to see where mailboxes are but it does not make the maze itself easier.  If you stay on the paths and do the maze as it was intended (and not take shortcuts) it will still take you 45 minutes to an hour to complete. 

About how long does the maze take to complete?
It all depends on how you “play;” it can take hours to find all 24 hidden components of the maze or less than 30 minutes if you’re just trying to find your way out. Most visitors find their way out in 45 – 90 minutes.

Can the maze be overwhelming for small children?
We have hundreds of children complete the maze daily. The maze is accessible by wagon and stroller and most children do very well. Parents are welcome to bring along snacks and drinks for both themselves and the little ones.

Is there water in the maze?
Yes, we have provided water at several key areas of the maze. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own water bottle,
or purchase a bottled water from the ticket tent so that you can refill it as you need. This will allow you to carry plenty of water with you and also cut down on our trash.

What about lunch and dinner?
We have a wonderful food vendor on site during Saturday and Sunday business hours. You are also welcome to bring in your own picnic lunch / dinner and use our open picnic areas for your meal.

What if I need to get out of the maze?
No problem. There are several ways to quickly exit the maze if you need a break or bathroom. Simply work your way to the bridge or ask any staff person you see.

How do I get back to the bridge?
Despite its intricacy, the maze works in a circular fashion. Just keep trying to work your way around to the other side. You may hit a few dead ends, but we promise you’ll find it.
 As always, you may ask a staff member at any time for assistance and they will be glad to help.

What if I get lost?
You will! Rural Hill maze staff have all been trained to help you out as much or as little as you want, just ask. Most senior staffers have the maze memorized and can get you from start to finish in as little as ten minutes.

I’ve never been to a seven acre corn maze, how should I dress?
The maze is a corn field, and there is no shade on a sunny day. Protect your skin and take time to apply sun screen. Wear comfortable, flat bottomed, closed toed shoes. If there is a chance of rain, you may want to pack a jacket or umbrella just in case.

If I can see over the corn will the maze be super easy?
No, the maze is only super easy if you cut through the corn.  If you follow the paths and resist the urge to cheat the maze is still very challenging. 

Are Hayrides included in our maze admission?
No, Hayrides are a separate cost of $3 per person and will encircle most of the farm's property, a great way to wind down after a busy day of getting lost!

I’ve done this before, do I have to carry a flag?
Yes, it is highly recommended that each group carry a flag, even if they are experienced maze goers. This is to ensure that if your group needs help our maze staff can quickly locate you by looking for your flag waving over the corn, which in places is well over 8 feet in height. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO “SPLIT WAY” FROM THE GROUP.

Oops, I found the exit before all the map pieces – is it against the rules to come out of the maze?
No. It is not necessary to find all the map pieces to find the exit. However, if you are competing with another group it may be against THEIR rules…

What are these curtains under the bridge?
Please do not cross through these curtains unless maze staff gives you permission. These are emergency exits and are for staff use only.

I have very mature children- can they do the maze on their own?
No. Children 12 and under must be with an adult at all times. Children repeatedly spotted without a flag and / or an adult will be made to stay at the bridge until an adult member of their party can come and meet them.

What else is there to do?
During the Amazing Maize Maze our entire 265 acre farm is open for you to explore; take a hike, play a few rounds of cornhole, soccer, explore our popular “mini-mazes”, visit our historic site and colonial homestead,
let your kids run free in our children’s maze, buy a pumpkin, or take one of our popular 30 minute hayrides!

Can large school or business groups to come out during the week?
While our normal public business days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we are happy to host your group of 10 adults or more during other days of the week. Call us for rates and reservations.

Are the night mazes “haunted?”
NO. The Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill is family friendly and safe for all ages at all times. Night mazes are conducted exactly the same as day mazes, but are simply lit by flashlights that you provide.

Are there always public bonfires during night mazes?
Usually, unless wind or weather is a limiting factor. Bonfires are open to all and are included in your maze admission fees.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as cash.

Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs and welcome them at November’s Sheepdog Trials and Dog Festival. For the Amazing Maize Maze however, they are not allowed, service dogs excepted. You will be asked to remove the dog from the property. Please respect this policy.

When can I come and purchase a pumpkin?
Usually near the end of September. Check with the office prior to coming out for availability.

A person in my group decides that they don’t want to do the maze, can they still come in and hang out with us after we’re finished?
Of course!

Are reservations necessary?
On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays reservations are not required. If you are bringing a large group of 20 or more people please call a few day in advance and let us know so we can be prepared. Reservations ARE REQUIRED for your group to come to the maze Monday – Thursday.

Are you a family farm?
No. Historic Rural Hill is a non-profit organization, working hay farm, and historic site. The Amazing Maize Maze is our biggest fundraiser of the year and goes toward the preservation of the site and the presentation of educational programs to thousands of children and families each year. Want to know more? Ask a staff member and we’ll be happy to share our story!

Where are the bathrooms located?
There are portable toilets conveniently located near the entrance and exit of the maze, as well as near the back of the maze.

What do you do with all this corn?
The corn we grow is not for human consumption and most is harvested at the end of each season to feed to our small herd of highland cattle throughout the year during educational programs. The remaining corn, stalks, and leaves are converted to silage to feed a local farm’s livestock. For these reasons, please do not pick any corn or remove it from the field.

Someone in our group needs first aid, where do we go?
For medical emergencies, please dial 911 and direct authorities to 4431 Neck Road in Huntersville. For minor stings, aches, blisters, cuts, or scrapes please proceed directly to the ticket tent where a first aid kit is available.

Does Rural Hill need volunteers?
Absolutely! Whether you need community service hours for school, work, or just want to meet people and have fun helping a great cause, Rural Hill is always looking for volunteer help in and outside of the maze. Call 704 875 3113 for further details.

How is the maze made?

Very funny, but really, how is the maze made, do you mow it?
No, the maze is planted in July and the design is hand drawn and picked a few weeks later when the corn is between 6 and 12 inches tall. A crew of 10 working 10 hour days can usually get it done in 3 or 4 days, depending on weather conditions.

Note: The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze is a non-smoking event; please do not smoke beyond the main parking area.


The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze is the perfect spot for your child’s birthday party, your family gathering, or your corporate event, no matter the size!  Rural Hill has a large and spacious 40’ x 40’ tent set up just for your special day. The tent is available for $50 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum rental time. Tables and chairs are provided. The tent is conveniently located near all the maze fun, while being far enough away to give your party room to spread out. Feel free to bring cake, presents, games, and more! Looking for a more secluded space? Look no further than the Rural Hill Nature Pavilion, located adjacent to a forested portion of the Rural Hill Nature Trail. A covered structure complete with indoor restrooms and picnic tables, the Rural Hill Nature Pavilion is perfect for themed parties and those looking for a more exclusive environment, while still being less than a minute’s drive away from the maze fun. The pavilion may be rented  for $50 per hour. Rental fees are only for the party space – maze entry is additional.

Looking for a bit of practice before the big day?
Have fun with these mazes from year’s past.

2010 CONESTOGA WAGON            2011 TRIATHLON            2012 ELECTION


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